email management

E-Mail is managed in the CPanel Interfaced as described here.


Our mail system supports both POP3 and IMAP connections. POP3 is the most widely used and common connection. If you are unsure what to utilize, we recommend POP3.

POP3 - Your PC client (Outlook, etc.) pulls the mail off our servers when it checks mail, all mail is located on the PC. IMAP - Your PC client (Outlook, etc.) "syncs" with our mail server, keeping copies of the mail both locally at the pc client level, and on our mail server(s).

IMAP is more advanced and has the advantage of allowing you to see your mail both on your PC, but also on a remote device such as a mobile phone or another PC located elsewhere. The disadvantage would be that all mail is stored on the TelePacific servers and if you are an individual/company that utilizes a large amount of mail (multiple gigabytes), it will count against your available data space and could incur additional package costs as your mail storage grows.

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