dns settings and transfers

You will need to change your DNS servers on your domain to point to our DNS servers. This is completed by logging into your account at your REGISTRAR (Godaddy, Network Solutions, etc.), which is the place you bought your domain and have it registered through. If you are unsure who your REGISTRAR is, we suggest visiting http://www.betterwhois.com and reading the output on your domain.

By changing your DNS servers, you allow TelePacific to manage your domain records. This does not give TelePacific any powers such as ownership or control over the domain - but instead only the ability to manage records such as the servers & IP information for yourmail and web services.
Please change your DNS servers to the following:
  • Primary: ns1.world-net.net (
  • Secondary: ns2.world-net.net (

The following is OPTIONAL to do, but can assist you in the future if performed:

  • Technical Contact Information:
    • Name = Domains Manager
    • E-Mail = hostmaster@world-net.net
    • Phone = 1-866-835-9378


Once you make the above changes to your DOMAIN at your Registrar, it will take 24-72 hours (normally within 24 hours) to "fully propagate" across the internet, moving the flow of traffic from its current hosting location to us, here at TelePacific.

If you would like to avoid ANY downtime with regards to lost or bounced mail, and a "down" website, we HIGHLY recommend that you upload your website and pre-create your mail accounts on our system BEFORE making the changes to your DNS servers. We reference this in the web & mail sections above.

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