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The O1 Online Customer Statistics Tool (OCS) is a web-based utility that allows you to view daily, weekly, monthly and yearly average usage statistics for your T1, voice calling, or colocation bandwidth.


Your statistics can be viewed at

OCS Access

To have a temporary username and password issued to you, email your request to You will be asked to change your password the first time you login. If you want to change your password again later—or have any other questions—contact support at 877-789-8722 or email

Once you log into your OCS account you will see a hyperlink displaying your company name on the left. Clicking the hyperlink will display the graphs configured for your company. Current data is displayed on the right side of the graphs. The graph in the initial view shows usage over the last 24-hour period. You can view other timeframes by clicking on the graph or by altering the “To” and “From” dates at the top of the Statistics page.

The far left side of the graph shows which measurements the graph is displaying. Measurement units may be in bits per second, sessions, or percentages. The time the measurement was taken appears along the bottom axis of the graph. Please note: graphs present Inbound and Outbound traffic in reverse —i.e. outbound traffic is outbound from O1 and inbound to the customer.

Sample graph from TelePacific OCS tool depicting average weekly T1 usage.

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