web hosting

DNS Requirement

DNS Servers determine where to point your website. Please follow one of the following steps as it pertains to your situation.

TelePacific will NOT host DNS for your domain If another company will be providing DNS for your domain, please have them change the A records for your domain name and for the hostname “www” and point them to the IP address of the TelePacific web server. This IP address will be provided by the TelePacific systems engineer assisting you.

TelePacific will host DNS for your domain The A records will be set up by the TelePacific systems engineer when DNS is set up for your domain.

Site Administration

TelePacific uses the cPanel control panel offering site administration with an easy web interface. You can manage your website(s) via the URL provided in your account info. The cPanel has built-in tutorial information to provide first time users the ability to manage their own account.

If you have any questions concerning your hosting account please call our support group at 877-789-8722 and reference the ticket number provided in your hosting account info.

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