web statistics

As part of your Mpower Web Hosting services, we provide you with a variety of insightful statistics that will help you analyze your site's traffic.

Unique Visitors

How many individuals visited your website. When an IP address/visitor comes to your website, it is counted as one unique visit. If that visitor returns later in the day or even later that month, the visitor will not be counted again. The Unique Visitors number tells you how many different people visit your site.

Number of Visits

How many times people come to your site. For example, if your number of visits is 100, your website has been visited 100 times. This is not a unique number; this is the total number of visits and can include multiple visits by the same visitor.

Pages Number

How many times an actual page was viewed, whether by a unique user or the same user. For example, if you were on a page in your website and you clicked the refresh button, that would count as two page views.


A single action on the Web server as it appears in the log file. For instance, a visitor downloading a single file is logged as a single hit, while a visitor requesting a Web page including two images registers as three hits on the server. One hit is the request for the .html page, and two additional hits are requests for the downloaded image files. While the volume of hits is an indicator of Web server traffic, it's not an accurate reflection of how many pages are being viewed.


Gives a general idea of how much bandwidth your site is using. This is not the same as the bandwidth that is counted against your account. This feature only counts Web visits and the bandwidth they use; it doesn't count FTP traffic or any other traffic your account may use.

Days of the Week

Shows how many hits you get on certain days of the week. This is great for a quick look at your busiest days.


Gives you a quick look at your site's peak hours.

Visitor Domains/Countries

Where your site's visitors are coming from. For example, if a visitor came from the mpowercom.net website and went to your website, it counts as a mark for the .net domain. This feature tracks all top-level domains, such as .com, .net, .org, .ca, and more.


Tells you the IP Address or name of visitors' connections.


Robots and spiders are programs sent through the Internet by search engines like Yahoo and Google. They search your website, store key phrases and tags in their program, and then put them into search engines under your domain name. Use this feature to see if search engines are visiting your site and how frequently they are coming back for updates.


Reveals which pages on your site are most popular, ranked from most to least visited.

File Type

Compiles a list of most popular file types (HTML, JPG, PDF, etc.) on your site.

Operating System

Displays which operating system your site's visitors are using. This feature is helpful in developing websites and ensuring your site is compatible with your visitors' operating systems.

Connect to Site From

Shows where people came from to reach your site, such as a link from another site or a browser bookmark. It's useful for tracking traffic and testing which online advertisements and links bring the most traffic to your site.

Key Phrases on Search Engines

Shows what phrases people typed into search engines to find your site.

HTTP Error Codes

Alerts you to any problems your visitors encounter on your website. This is a good feature if you have a missing page somewhere; you'll see that people are getting a "404" error (missing page) and you can look into it.

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