DSL/T1 support


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Instructions for Windows XP

(for additional operating system instructions, call 888-950-2100
for the Technical Assistance Center)

  1. Go to another computer on your network.
  2. Click Start. Choose Settings. Select Control Panel.
  3. Double-click Network Connections.
  4. Right-click Local Area Connections. Left-click Properties.
  5. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Left-click Properties.
  6. If Obtain an IP Address Automatically is selected, you will make this same selection on the computer you are configuring.
  7. If Use the following IP Address is selected:
    • IP Address – create a unique internal IP Address by changing the last octet. For example, if the internal IP Address is set to, use
    • Subnet Mask – same
    • Default Gateway – same
    • DNS – same
  8. Click OK. Click OK.
  9. Go to the computer you are configuring and follow steps 1 through 8. You should now be able to access the internet.

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